Fabio Serrano

Fabio Serrano Professional Photographer whose main career was as a journalist. Fabio worked for important newspapers and magazines in his country of origin (Colombia) and also as a contributor for news agencies like Reuters and Gamma. 

He photographed important historical events all over the world with personalities like Pope John Paul II, President Gerald Ford, writer and Nobel Price Gabriel Garcia Marquez amongst others.

He is recognized in multiple publications that have documented the history of photography in the world and Latin America. Parts of his work have been displayed on locations like the Museum Georges Pompidou in Paris, The Venice Biennial Contemporary Art Exhibition, The Havana Art Biennial, Taiwan, Switzerland, Russia, Spain, Mexico, Venezuela, Ecuador, his native Colombia and now, the United States his loving home.

Fabio is a natural talent, he is self-taught and has never attended any photography school. All of his skills have been obtained solely through his interest and love for photography... by putting his curiosity into practice, by appreciating other gifted photographersʼ work, by just shooting to capture what in essence is interesting and beautiful for him. 

Although Fabioʼs work extends to other trends and techniques the pictures displayed today are some of the most recognized pieces that had become valuables to collectors.